Why Barbados really is a Happy Island!

Maybe because it is the most Eastern Caribbean island, being less influenced by other cultures. Maybe because of the islands history being one of the first stops for overseas travel in the old days. Barbados has something unique you should experience! It is often referred as the happy island and that is not just because of all the rum! Click here for Barbados!

5 Things to love about Tobago!

Beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and rough mountain rides through the rainforest! Watch pelicans catching fish during the day and fireflies dancing at night. On Tobago you can experience a Caribbean island without cruise ships and large souvenir markets, for now.

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Online fruits and vegetables, just give us a call!
If I only knew the name of their website...
Found along the road to Speyside on Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago.
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10 Tips on how NOT to celebrate Carnival in Trinidad!

Steel drums, calypso and soca - lime like a Trinidian! Steel drums, calypso and soca - lime like a Trinidian! The major events, the basics of Trinidad Carnival and 10 tips on how NOT to do it from our own last-minute experience! Click here for the greatest Carnival in the world!

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