5 Questions about our life as DIGITAL NOMADS!

We have been two years full-time on the road, traveling to the most remote and exotic places while working full-time on our online businesses. Are you wondering how we live as digital nomads, what we do on a daily basis and what problems we encounter along the way Click here for our story!

Discover Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean!

If you are looking for a hidden gem in the Caribbean, visit Dominica! Volcanic bubbles, whale watching and stunning mountain views without crowds! Click here for Dominica!


Special breakfast menu!
Hopefully they will let you choose from the harbour...
Click here for full photo!

Why Barbados really is a Happy Island!

Maybe because it is the most Eastern Caribbean island, being less influenced by other cultures. Maybe because of the islands history being one of the first stops for overseas travel in the old days. Barbados has something unique you should experience! It is often referred as the happy island and that is not just because of all the rum! Click here for Barbados!

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