The Dutch Caribbean: Bonaire, Divers Paradise!

With a 10-hour flight and a distance of about 7800 KM from Amsterdam - the Dutch Caribbean awaits you! A home away from home for us! Restaurant and bar recommendations, things to do and cultural experiences. Click here for Bonaire!

5 Lessons Learned from Travel Blogging!

Starting a travel blog is easy, making it successful is something totally different. 5 Important lessons I wish I had known/focused on from the start.

Click here to read the post!

5 Questions about our life as DIGITAL NOMADS!

Are you wondering what a digital nomads is, what we do and how we do it? 5 Frequently asked questions answered! In case you are dreaming of becoming a digital nomad - read this first! Click here for the questions and answers!


Are you looking for some travel inspiration for 2017? These are the highlights of our greatest adventures, it might be something interesting for you! From the remote Islands of Indonesia and the South Pacific to the Caribbean - we have got some tropical paradises covered and we share it shamelessly! Click here for some travel inspiration!

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