The funniest toilets & strange rituals abroad

Finding a toilet abroad can be a challenge, but using it (especially for women) is definitely another. There are so many rituals and cultural differences, you just keep wondering. Here are the funniest toilets, toilet signs and strange rituals I encountered abroad.

The first obstacle is knowing what it's called in the foreign language. Words like 'toilet' or 'restroom' do not always work. If you are lucky, 'comfort room' or 'ladies room' will get you to the right place. Other than that it's up to your pronunciation and hand signals. My most effective signal is putting my hands on my hips and pretend to put down my pants while preforming a squad. Quick, easy and laughs quaranteed - the crazy Dutch way! :)

Anyway, once you enter the area it can be quite an adventure. Of course, as female travelers know, it's useful to bring your own toilet paper or tissues. For the Dutch, but in many other countries as well, a toilet bowl with a toilet seat is common. Some complimentary toilet paper, paper to cover the toilet seat and/or or sanitizer spray will make it even more hygienic in public toilets, but let's keep things realistic. What if there's nothing more than a hole in little room?

Good luck with these ones! Rural toilet and no hole to find in the toilet.

The squad toilet.

The squad toilet, as they call the toilets with just a hole in the floor, is common in Asia. If you don't know how to squad, this won't be the best place to learn. But, after a few rounds of practicing you'll get a proper technique without cleaning your pants and shoes afterwards... Luckily there is often a water hose on the wall so you can rinse yourself bidet-style. If you're lucky there's a hook on the wall to hang your bag, a jacket or anything else you're holding. Other than that it is just hoping the people before you didn't water the whole area so it's slippery when you try to squad and keep yourself dry.

How lovely to be able to speak with each other, ancient Rome style.

Then there's also something in between; a toilet bowl without a toilet seat - never got that purpose. For me it was about getting used to squad toilets. For squad toilet users it's about getting used to seated toilets... and it's not easy for them either. Luckily they put up some signs to explain how (not to) use a seated toilet.

I realized is that flushing can also be a totally new experience...

Then there are other hobbies you should not execute at toilets...

It's a great place to store things. Look at the ladies shoes at the urinal!

Two interesting signs that made me really wonder...

When you think all toilets are taken since there are flip-flops outside... NO, use them inside to keep the toilet floor clean!

Why would anybody run out of the toilet with used paper?

Who repaired this toilet?

Get fined in the toilet.

Rewards and other prizes!

Please flash after use!

Try to get rid of your UFO somewhere else!

Please ring the bell for cleaning service.

Toilet bus, makes you feel you can hop on to go to a theme park!

A health warning? Don't spit or blow your nose in the toilet?

How about these creative toilet signs?!

Keep clean in order - Out of order :)!

When you think they do not understand you needing a toilet, not an ATM! Great joke!

Finally some good explanation of the "bum gun" in Thailand!

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